Water's Break

Sophia L. Hansen

Water's Break

What if fear itself is the deadliest undercurrent of all?

Nica would do anything to avoid the hassles of her sister’s bonding ceremony—the wrap fittings, hairstyles, and braided fire coral—but she never imagined that the waters covering her planet would be broken. As the heavens rained fire and stone, mountains erupted from the sea and dry ground was birthed on the Deep, dividing the water—and the Olomi people—for the first time in their history.

In the wake of her world’s violent re-formation, Nica’s family is shattered. When the rookie Guardian leaves the safety of the Deep to find her sister, she is abducted by strange landwalkers who possess strength and technology beyond her imagination. Nica realizes that the disaster from above was by their design—a calculated plan to terraform the water planet and conquer her people. All Nica wants to do is find her sister and swim home to safety, but with the landwalkers closing in, escape may not be possible. And if Nica can’t save herself, how can she hope to save her sister—or her people?

Introducing Water's Break, Sophia L. Hansen's debut science fiction novel from Enclave Publishing!
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“A bittersweet portrayal of humanity, resilience, and courage.”

Kirkus Reviews

“With huge stakes and winning characterization, Water’s Break is a survival story set in a brilliantly imagined world. A tale of family and the lengths one will go to fight for home and loved ones, Water’s Break is full of dynamic relationships and fascinating, fresh new fantasy.”

Tosca Lee
New York Times bestselling author

Water's Break is an immersive and unique fish-out-of-water tale. I'm delighted that Sophia's story has finally cracked the surface. Delighted and impressed.”

Kerry Nietz
Award-winning author of Lost Bits and the Peril in Plain Space series

“Water's Break plunges you into an undersea tale of survival and endurance. Sophia Hansen's world building is off the charts, but it's her characters, both good and evil, who will have you riding the story's currents page after page.”

Steve Rzasa
Award-winning author of The Face of the Deep series and For Us Humans

“This book broke my heart with Nica's first encounter with the invaders and then stitched it back together with every page that followed. Hansen wields her impressive grasp of world-building and human nature to illustrate both vicious brutality and astonishing self-sacrifice. The world needs more stories like this.”

Teddi Deppner
Co-founder, Havok Publishing

“When peace and community shatter, we need stories that point to hope, and Water's Break glistens with hope through sorrow, beauty in exile, and perseverance in the face of evil. Hansen's vibrant world building and compelling characters shine, reminding us to be courageous and hold fast to truth.”

Cathy McCrumb
Critically acclaimed author of the Children of the Consortium series

“Hansen’s unique and engaging world makes the ideal setting for this challenging story of adversity, hope, and love.”

James R. Hannibal
Award-winning author of Wolf Soldier

Sophia Hansen is...

an organic writer, using no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides on her words unless absolutely convenient. She’s lived on a tiny island in Alaska, the bustling cities of New York and Boston, and has settled in the southeast where she writes and edits in other worlds. Sophia loves plenty of coffee, crispy bacon, and—after 30+ years of marriage, seven children, and numerous pets—that she can still fit into her high school earrings.

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